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IBM IoT Continuous Engineering

Lifecycle management capabilities for hardware and software engineering teams: see at-a-glance status, access better data for decisions, manage costs, reuse artifacts and processes across the organization, manage systems design and development. Enjoy a real collaborative solution for systems engineering.

Requirements management

Manage system requirements and full traceability across the lifecycle.

Collaboration, planning and change management

Plan, collaborate and manage change across disciplines throughout the lifecycle.

Architecture and design

Collaborative design, simulation, verification and validation using modeling.

Global configuration management

Manage streams, baselines, branching and merging across linked engineering artifacts in multiple tools.

Quality management

Achieve ‘Quality by Design’ with an integrated, automated testing progress.

Best practices and process enactment

Improve quality, productivity, predictability and consistency.

Embedded software development

Create high-quality embedded software with high collaboration.

Engineering information visualization

Visualize, analyze and organize engineering data from multiple tools to empower decision making.

IBM Watson IoT Platform

The IBM Watson IoT Platform allows organizations to securely and easily connect devices, from chips to intelligent appliances to applications and industry solutions. Scaling through cloud-based services and using rich analytics, IBM Watson IoT Platform provides organizations with new insight for innovation and transformation.


Easily connect devices from chips to intelligent appliances to your applications and industry solutions. Perform device management functions, scale through cloud-based services, and then use rich analytics to gain insight and achieve organizational transformation.

Information Management

Intelligently transform and store your IoT data. Ingest data from diverse data sources and platforms, then extract the essential value using rich analytics.


Gain insight from huge volumes of IoT data to make better decisions and optimize operations. Apply real-time analytics to monitor current conditions and respond accordingly. Leverage cognitive analytics with both structured and unstructured data to understand situations, reason through options and learn as conditions change.

Risk Management

Manage risk and gather insights across your entire IoT landscape, using extensive dashboards and sophisticated alerts. Act on notifications and isolate incidents generated anywhere in your company’s environment from a single console.



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