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Execution of specialized tasks right at your project's environment.

Delivery services execute installation, configuration and customization activities with a well defined purpose in a systems engineering environment.


Installation and configuration of a broad range of IBM Continuous Engineering for IoT solutions and tools.


Integration between IBM CE for IoT solutions and tools from other parties, ranging from issue management to modeling to version control and others.

Lifecycle & Workflows

Practical activities needed to manage and monitor work and asses results, to define and enforce traceability and workflows across all lifecycle artifacts.

Requirements Management

Realization of a diverse range of requirements managements activities, tasks and practices such as information architecture, traceability management, change management, verification and validation.

Modeling, Simulation & Design Management

Requirements validation and systems modeling and verification through model execution with the application of formal methods, languages and practices.

Quality Management

Development and management of quality artifacts such as test plans, test cases and test scripts with traceability to all other lifecycle artifacts such as requirements and models.


  • Systems Engineering with IBM Continuous Engineering
  • Developing a Lifecycle Project
  • Visualizing, Analyzing and Organizing Engineering Data

Planning, Development Processes and Workflows

  • Process Enactment with RMC and RTC
  • Planning with RTC
  • Change Management with DOORS and RTC

Requirements Management

  • Developing Requirements with DOORS NG
  • Integrated Requirements with DOORS 9 and DOORS NG
  • Developing Metrics for DOORS 9 and DOORS NG
  • Creating Requirements Reports for DOORS with RPE

Modeling, Simulation & Design Management

  • MBSE with Rhapsody and Harmony
  • MBT with Rhapsody
  • Combined Simulations with Rhapsody and Simulink
  • Trade Studies and Parametric Simulations with Rhapsody
  • Design Management and Collaborative Design


Day-by-day tasks being demonstrated in a practical fashion.

With focus on how they are executed and getting all participants to practice, these technical hands-on sessions show workflows and specific features. Ordered activities and tasks are coordinated to demonstrate how to achieve specific key objectives, results and values.


State of the art method, practice and tool training.

Formal training sessions delivered at the customer’s site. This is the traditional learning class following specific pre-defined scripts and material, having theoretical expositions and guided practical activities.

Requirements Management

  • Fundamentals of Requirements Management
  • Requirements Management with Use Cases
  • Developing Effective and Compliant Requirements


  • SysML Training
  • UML Training
  • Object Oriented Modeling
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Structural Modeling
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Collaborative Design and Design Management

Team Concert

  • Working with Team Concert
  • Team Concert Administration
  • Agile Planning and Tracking with Team Concert


  • DOORS 9 / NG In Practice
  • DOORS 9 / NG Information Architect
  • DOORS 9 IT Manager


  • Introduction to Rhapsody
  • SysML Modeling with Rhapsody
  • UML Modeling with Rhapsody
  • MBSE with Rhapsody
  • Advanced Modeling for Systems Engineering
  • Tracing Rhapsody Models to DOORS Requirements

Design Manager

  • Design Management
  • Collaborative Design

Quality Manager

  • Performing Quality Management
  • Administering Quality Management Projects



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